Find out more about the members of the club
"I doubt I will ever give up working with birds of prey. It makes me feel happy to see them flying."

Club member Mhairi, tells us about why she enjoys helping her mum with their birds.

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"It's not all walking in the sun looking elegant, whilst swinging a lure!"

Club member Jo shares an insight into her first steps in falconry with her perlin Baldrick, and how having a mentor has allowed her to grow.

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"The most important thing working with birds has taught me is patience"

Club member Xanthe talks about how she won her pest control scholarship and her varied encounters with birds of prey since she was a child.

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"They have taught me how delicate the balance of everything is in nature"

Find out more about Club member Bryonie in this interview on her passion for birds and skills in hoodmaking. Her top tip? Practice!

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"When it all comes together there is in my opinion nothing better on earth."

Club member Joanne gives an insight into her work educating the public on conservation and hunting with birds of prey - mainly peregrines.

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"Birds of Prey can never be manipulated to be anything but themselves."

Find about club member Kim's work as the founder of the Barn Owl Project Hampshire & Bird of Prey Hospital.

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