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Interview with Mhairi Fergusson

Mhairi is one of our youngest members at just 6 years old

What is your favourite bird of prey and why?

My favourite bird of prey is the white faced owl because I have my own. I like them because they used to be a member of the scops family, and I like their white face. I like the way that they pounce on scorpions in the wild and catch them by their sting and then eat them.

You often help your mum look after the birds. What are the most important jobs you need to do everyday?

Feed them, fly them, put them on the scales and test their weight, sometimes I help mum clean the aviaries and clean the baths too.

Would you tell us a bit about Dickens and why you like to fly her?

Dickens is my favourite owl, I like to fly her because she's mine. She's the perfect size for me, and she's a good owl to train. I like they way she puffs up her ear tufts when she's scared of something and she sounds like a cat.

What do you like about working with birds of prey?

I like working with birds of prey because they really get me into the mood to working with mum when I'm older, and I doubt I will ever give up working with birds of prey. It makes me feel happy to see them flying.

If you could be a bird of prey what would you be and why?

I would be a harris hawk swooping through the trees, and I would have my chicks close by, and I would get the food for them and take it back to feed them and then get my own. I like harris hawks because they live in a family all the time.